B Day Coming

I've finally decided to have my crooked teeth fixed. I'm nearly finished with the preparatory works before the dental braces will be attached.

I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed 10/13/06. The right one was removed almost a year ago. They were both impacted so both procedures were very difficult. Healing time is shorter this time but just the same, painful, but without the swelling.

About 12 teeth need filling, most of which are done now with tooth-colored filling. Amalgam sucks as it stains the teeth.

Today I gate-crashed the dental clinic thankfully, no clients were around when I came in.

Tomorrow, I'll have 3 teeth pulled so that there'll be enough space to pull my teeth back to where they're supposed to be. Two upper bicuspids and one from the lower set. I'm hoping that everything goes well.

Here are some "before" pics:


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