Braces removed today. What a relief!

Upper Wire Replaced

Slight pain today because the upper wire was replaced by a harder wire. I've been having weekly adjustments since my return from Palawan.

I also had tonsilitis last week, after an adjustment. It turns out that not all of my tonsils were scraped off. Those hard to reach were still there.

Weekly Adjustments

Since coming back from Palawan last month, I've been having weekly adjustments. This is to take advantage of the free services of the dentist because it will only be free up to November this year. :) After November I'll have to pay 300 pesos per adjustment.


Can you notice any change after more than a year?

One Year

It has been a year. I can't believe I spent this much on my mouth this past 12 months.

  1. The metals: 30,000++
  2. The removed tonsils: 20,000+++
The comfort: priceless!

The recurring tonsilitis went away; sleep apnea was gone too! I don't spend 3000++ for antibiotics every time my tonsils become inflamed and infected. I was able to minimize my sick LOAs too.

Re the metals: my off centered lower teeth are now nearing the middle. The pull being done is very painful and very uncomfortable especially when I'm not distracted. Yup, if I'm focused on a task, the pain goes away but comes back when I'm idle.

The upper teeth have been pulled back and they're halfway to their final points. And yup, they too are very painful especially within a week after each adjustment.

I'm looking forward to the end of this!

Painful yellow

I had my wires adjusted yesterday. It's now very painful (3/5) due to the gap that was being closed on my lower right mandible. I opted for yellow this time which looks almost invisible because of the stretching done.
I won't take pain meds though.


Yesterday. I opted for orange this time, ERAP. :)

The dentist notices movements. I don't.

And it's 7th months old already.

3rd Adjustment

I fell asleep while waiting for my turn in the dentist's office. LOL.
The top wire was replaced with a colored one, I don't know why. Elastics were placed to close the gap created by the extracted teeth. Additional wires, I don't know what they're called, were placed.
On the bottom set, one bracket was removed and replaced. The bottom gap is still wide.
I had maroon bottom rubbers.

2nd Adjustment

Anlaki na ng improvement! Lalo na yung sa dati kong nakahigang ngipin. Dark blue ang choice ko ngayon sa rubber. Next adjustment hihilahin na daw yung ipin na may malaking space.
Sinumpa ko na pala yung light colored rubber.

Ilang araw na akong di sumusulpot sa dentista, busy kasi sa work. Huling-huli na ako sa adjustment! Ayaw kasi nya magbukas ng gabi. Bwiset!

1st Adjustment

I had baby blue elastics this time. Pa-cute hehehe. The 1st one was black. Ok ang black wala lang emotion. :-)

I noticed that the wires were slightly less crooked this time, but crooked just the same.

I asked the dentist kung kelan masisimulang mag move yung teeth sa tabi nung binunutan. He said it would take at least 3 months pa.

Next adjustment

The next would be 12/2/2006, 15 days from now. So far, wala namang masamang nangyayari. He he.


Lateral cephalometric x-ray:

Standard panoramic x-ray:

Mga kagamitan

Mint Superfloss- Eto yung may matigas na dulo para naipapasok sa pagitan ng mga ipin. Antagal masyado gamitin nito.

Interdental brush- Ito naman yun maliit na brush na mukhang toothpick. (Parang toothpick na may maliit na brush.)Yung dulo nyang isa ay gum massager.

Hapee Gold Gumtect- Toothpaste na may allantoin, vitamin E at triclosan. San ka pa?

Ortho brush- Malambot yung bristle at may ukit na V sa gitna nun.


It took the dentist 3 and a half hours to finish it. Good thing nawala na yung ache from the spacers.

No hard food from now on.


Merong ngipin na sumasakit pag nginunguya ko sa (I have a tooth that aches on the) lower right quadrant. I had to take mefenamic acid because I can't think clearly with this. He he.

Filling removed

Feeling ko natanggal yung filling sa likod ng harap na ngipin ko sa bandang taas dahil sa sobrang kaka-floss. Naging pampalipas oras ko na kasi ang pag floss at pag-brush. Leche!

May kasikipan kasi ang pagitan ng dalawang ngipin ko sa harap (taas). Lalong sumikip nung nilagyan ng pasta. At ayun natangay ng floss. Maliit na bahagi lang sya pero mukhang magiging dahilan ng kabulukan kung magkataon.

Syanga pala, mura ang pasta ko kasi covered ng insurance ang kalahati. So, 50% lang ang aktwal na binabayaran ko sa pasta. Di ko lang alam kung pagbabayarin pa ko dito sa nasira.

Hopefully mababawasan ang laging pagkakaimpeksyon ng lalamunan ko ngayong mabutibuti na ang kalagayan ng mga ngipin ko. Sana! Ang mahal-mahal na kasi ng antibiotic na ginagamit ko ngayon dahil di na umuubra ang mga dati kong ginagamit. Sa ngayon, mga kombinasyon ang antibiotic na ginagamit ko kaya naman may kamahalan. Sa isang simpleng gamutan lang sana e umaabot sa dalawang libo ang napupunta sa antibiotic para sa kahabaan ng gamutan.

Hay... Sana nga.


I am grinding my teeth at sleep! I discovered it this morning because of the pain from the teeth near the extraction sites. I was awaken by the pain. I may be grinding my teeth before but am not noticing it.



The spacers were not that painful. Or I'm getting used to it? The spaces opened by the 3 pulled teeth are very uncomfortable, specially when I'm chewing food.
I'm not chewing at all pala. Just small bites.


Horrible extraction! My lower right premolar took about two hours to be pulled! It was because of a fucking very thin root. Worst of all, I have to pay because the dentist didn't classify the extraction as ordinary. Hmph.

Fillings finished, but one tooth beside the extracted lower right premolar needs to be cleaned and filled.

*Bawal mag mumog.
*Bawal malansang food.
*Mefenamic acid, qid.

I'll have my teeth pulled today, hopefully it won't be that noticable.

B Day Coming

I've finally decided to have my crooked teeth fixed. I'm nearly finished with the preparatory works before the dental braces will be attached.

I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed 10/13/06. The right one was removed almost a year ago. They were both impacted so both procedures were very difficult. Healing time is shorter this time but just the same, painful, but without the swelling.

About 12 teeth need filling, most of which are done now with tooth-colored filling. Amalgam sucks as it stains the teeth.

Today I gate-crashed the dental clinic thankfully, no clients were around when I came in.

Tomorrow, I'll have 3 teeth pulled so that there'll be enough space to pull my teeth back to where they're supposed to be. Two upper bicuspids and one from the lower set. I'm hoping that everything goes well.

Here are some "before" pics:


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